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Table of contents of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology. Edited by Sin-Wai Chan


Part 1: General Issues of Translation Technology

The Development of Translation Technology: 1967-2013. Chan Sin-wai

Computer-aided Translation: Major Concepts. Chan Sin-wai

 Computer-aided Translation Systems. Ignacio Garcia

Computer-Aided Translation: Translator Training. Lynne Bowker

Machine Translation: General. Liu Qun and Zhang Xiaojun

 Machine Translation: History of Research and Applications. John Hutchins

 Example-based Machine Translation. Billy Wong Tak-ming and Jonathan Webster

Open-Source Machine Translation Technology. Mikel L. Forcada

Pragmatics-based Machine Translation. David Farwell and Stephen Helmreich

Rule-based Machine Translation. Yu Shiwen and Bai Xiaojing

Statistical Machine Translation. Liu Yang and Zhang Min

Evaluation in Machine Translation and Computer-aided Translation

Kit Chunyu and Wong Tak-ming

The Teaching of Machine Translation: The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Case Study

Cecilia Wong Suk Man

Part 2: The National / Regional Developments of Translation Technology

Translation Technology in China. Qian Duoxiu

Translation Technology in Canada. Elliott Macklovitcz

Translation Technology in France. Sylviane Cardey

Translation Technology in Hong Kong. Chan Sin-wai, Ian Chow and Wong Tak-ming

Translation Technology in Japan. Hitoshi Isahara

Translation Technology in South Africa. Gerhard van Huyssteen and Marissa Griesel

Translation Technology in Taiwan: Track and Trend. Shih Chung-ling

Translation Technology in the Netherlands and Belgium. Leonoor van der Beek and Antal van den Bosch

Translation Technology in the United Kingdom. Christophe Declercq

A History of Translation Technology in the United States of America. Jost Zetzsche and Jennifer DeCamp

Part 3: Specific Topics in Translation Technology

Alignment. Lars Ahrenberg

Bitext. Alan K. Melby, Arle Lommel, and Lucía Morado Vázquez

Computational Lexicography. Zhang Yihua

Concordancing. Federico Zanettin

Controlled Language. Rolf Schwitter

Corpus. Li Lan

Editing in Translation Technology. Christophe Declercq

Information Retrieval and Text Mining. Kit Chunyu and Nie Jian-Yun

Language Codes and Language Tags. Sue Ellen Wright

Localization. Keiran Dunne

Natural Language Processing. Olivia Kwong

Online Translation. Federico Gaspari

Part of Speech Tagging. Felipe Sánchez-Martínez

Segmentation. Freddy Y. Y. Choi

 Speech Translation. Tan Lee

 Subtitling and Technology. Jorge Dias-Cintas

 Terminology Management. Kara Warburton

Translation Memory. Alan K. Melby and Sue Ellen Wright

Translation Management Systems. Mark Shuttlewort


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